Negroland Hebrews, black Hebrews, Hebrew Israelite, identity, bible, hebrews, hebrew, theblackhebrewnation, knowledge, israelite, christianity
Negroland Hebrews, black Hebrews, Hebrew Israelite, identity, bible, hebrews, hebrew, theblackhebrewnation, knowledge, israelite, christianity


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Why was Christ baptized?

Christ was sent to fulfill the law, NOT to do away with the law (Matthew 5:17).  Now, there are many aspects to how the law was fulfilled, but for the sake of the topic at hand, let's take the word 'fulfill' and understand it from a single aspect...


It is the responsibility of the strong to carry the burden of the weak. The weak FULFILL the necessity of the strong because strength can only be measured by the burden(s) it can endure.

1st Corinthians 1:25 says the weakness of God is stronger than man...

That weakness is Christ because the word, which is strength, became flesh, which is weak. However, though Christ endured the weakness of flesh, he did what no other man was able to do, which made God's weakness stronger than man just as 1st Corinthians 1:25 states.

Now since we’ve identified Christ as God’s weakness, let’s draw some parallels.


God speaks in a spiritual language, therefore, he gives man physical reference points for comprehension. For man to comprehend God’s weakness, God gave man the woman: she is the weaker vessel (1st Peter 3:7). Also, the woman parallels with the earth; for God always refers to the earth in feminine terms, according to scripture.  Plant a seed in the woman and she will bear fruit.  Whether she bears good or bad fruit is dependent upon her culture.  Plant a seed in the earth and it will bear fruit.  Whether the earth bears good or bad fruit is dependent upon how the soil is cultivated--culture and cultivate both root back to the word, cult.  Also, the earth goes through periods and cycles, just as the sun and the moon trade places for a period and then comes back again.  And of course, this dynamic parallels with a woman's menstruation, which lasts for a period and then comes back again.  However, one of the most prominent parallels between the woman and the earth is water.  Estrogen is a female hormone that causes water retention.  When a woman is ready to give birth, her water breaks.  Water is a prominent parallel because it is the beginning of life on earth.

For this reason...

  • ...God hovered over the face of the waters and out of darkness came light (Genesis 1:2).
  • Water breaks when a woman gives birth and life emerges out of the darkness of her womb and into the light.
  • In the book of Exodus, Moses parted the red sea so the children of Israel could pass through, out of bondage, and into a new life.


John the Baptist was the last of the Old Testament prophets, and baptizing Christ with water symbolized the beginning of a new man on earth and a New Testament.  For this reason, Christ told John the Baptist that it was befitting for only John to baptize Christ at that time (Matthew 3:15)...  

 Yet, it still stands that Christ did not abolish the law, Christ fulfilled the law.  In the second part of this series I'll explain more about what the old and new actually entails, according to the scriptures.  



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Christianity is a false religon, but the Bible can be likened to electricity--the bad can be manifested to take a life in an electric chair, while the good can be manifested to power your house.  Power is power whether it's being used or abused.  With that being said - yes, I am a Hebrew Israelite, that is my identity and I stand by that whole heartedly.  This area of TBHN will be dedicated to dissecting & analyzing scriptures to prove to my people & people abroad whom seek this knowledge the true identity of the Hebrew Israelites of the Bible; the children of Jacob were & still are black: the people the world refers to as Negroes today.

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