Negroland Hebrews, black Hebrews, Hebrew Israelite, identity, bible, hebrews, hebrew, theblackhebrewnation, knowledge, israelite, christianity
Negroland Hebrews, black Hebrews, Hebrew Israelite, identity, bible, hebrews, hebrew, theblackhebrewnation, knowledge, israelite, christianity


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"I have heard what the prophets have said who prophesy falsely in My name, saying, 'I had a dream, I had a dream!'
(Jeremiah 23:25)
Here's a picture of Bayard Rustin.  He was born in Pennsylvania in the year of 1912 and died in the year of 1987.  During his life, he was involved in the Civil Rights and gay rights movements. He was also a known homosexual. In 1953 he was arrested and jailed after being caught engaging in a sexual act with another man in public.  Bayard Rustin was close friends with Martin Luther King, and Martin even acknowledged him as his mentor.  He pioneered the civil rights movement, and then helped Martin develop the blueprint to his movement.  He did this by introducing him to Ghandi's non-violent teachings in 1956.  Then he helped Martin build the southern Christian leadership conference in 1957. There has always been close ties between homosexuality and the civil rights movement, but do you see how easily it's all integrated into Christianity?  Christianity has been destroying the warrior class in the black community since it was beat and raped into Negro men on the plantation. But the ills of black Christianity is a whole other topic. 
I bring up Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement and its roots in homosexuality to prove why Colin Kaepernick is being paraded as the new civil rights leader.  When I highlighted his ties with known transsexual, Mia Isabella, I was met with resistance too substantial to ignore.  Let's connect the dots and understand that Colin Kaepernick is just as much of a false prophet as Martin Luther King.  They both champion assimilating to the system by appealing to the moral convictions of Caucasoid people.  A people with a track record of having no moral convictions at all.  A people that have only respected war and bloodshed.  When it came to the Natives, they resorted to war and bloodshed.  When it came to the British, they resorted to war and bloodshed.  When it came to the Mexicans, they resorted to war and bloodshed.  When it came to the confederates threatening the Union's plans to usher in capitalism, there was war and bloodshed.  But when it comes to the black man, they're comfortable with non-violence and taking a knee, because they're uncomfortable with respecting you.
Most of you may know of Black-Wallstreet-Tulsa-Oklahoma, but if you don't I encourage you-all to do extensive research on the topic.  In essence, it was the most powerful community that has ever been erected on American soil, and it was literally ALL BLACK.  It reached its pinnacle in the 1920's, but sure enough, them white boys came back from WWI and mowed the city down with fighter planes and machine guns.  However, many people are unaware of the fact that Black-Wallstreet-Tulsa-Oklahoma was rebuilt, but could never arise to its former splendor because of what? INTEGRATION - one of the most detrimental things to ever be perpetuated on the black 'community" because it not only integrated our bodies, but it integrated our minds and dollars.  So why do we hold MLK and his message in such high esteem when the man himself admitted that his dream turned into a nightmare?

Now let's bring it in full circle.
Martin Luther King started his campaign with a known homosexual, Bayard Rustin.
Colin Kaepernick started his campaign after dealing with known transsexual, Mia Isabella - she also admitted in an interview that she had a lot to do with his decision to protest.
Colin Kaepernick has close ties with the #BlackLivesMatter organization, which was started by Caucasoid-Jewish-Convert, George Soros.
Martin Luther King had close ties with Caucasoid-Jewish-Convert, Jacob Rothschild of the Rothschild family - he and his wife can be seen taking pictures with John Rothschild.

 Martin went on his campaign with the emotional backing of the black church.  But tell me, where in the Bible do they use the term integrate?  I'll wait...
The truth of the matter is that the Bible is about separation, not integration.  It's about transformation, not conformation.  But we all know that Christianity is not about the Bible, it's about disarming the warrior class in the black community under the guise of moral standards.  They study you "niggas" -- They know you better than you know yourselves, because they created the nigga not to think.  They knew sending a preacher in MLK's day would render no resistance.  Now they know these new aged niggas suffer from sensationalism, so now they're sending celebrities and athletes because entertainment is the new religion.  This was a well thought out attack.  Religion means to bind and enter means to penetrate, tain means to hold and ment means mind, so entertainment means to penetrate and hold the mind hostage.  These white boys are holding black people down with religion, then raping their minds with entertainment.  This is why being your own establishment is a revolutionary route for the black man today.  Establishment means a firm mind, and a mind that stands firm cannot be held down or penetrated. 


Christianity is a false religon, but the Bible can be likened to electricity--the bad can be manifested to take a life in an electric chair, while the good can be manifested to power your house.  Power is power whether it's being used or abused.  With that being said - yes, I am a Hebrew Israelite, that is my identity and I stand by that whole heartedly.  This area of TBHN will be dedicated to dissecting & analyzing scriptures to prove to my people & people abroad whom seek this knowledge the true identity of the Hebrew Israelites of the Bible; the children of Jacob were & still are black: the people the world refers to as Negroes today.
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