Who are you outside of your job?  
Who are you outside of your church?
Who are you outside of female approval?  
Who are you outside of what white people told you to be?
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The black man suffers from a hyper-maternal bond.  He calls his closest friends his "boys," and his place of residence his "crib."

But these things translate into a skewed relationship dynamic in the black "community" because the black man also allows his woman to refer to him as baby, babe or bae (believed to be short for baby).

We can all agree that James Evans from the 70's hit show, Good Times was the epitome of a strong, black, man's man. Now did Florida ever call him baby, babe or bae? Not to my recognition.  It would go against his character.
The truth of the matter is that there's binding power in naming.  When your woman calls ...


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